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Are you a Human Resource manager? Know the Concepts of HRM at the Workplace.


Nov 14, 2021
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HRM is the process of connecting individuals with organizations and assisting both parties in achieving their objectives (Slideshare, n.d.). In the article written by Katie Clarey, I have found that employers are revisiting early pandemic policies as delta variant surges (Katie Clarey, 2021). This means that the company HRM is operating and affecting the company effectively due to the practice of supervising if the Covid-19 prevention measures are followed.

This practice is effective to the companies because it demonstrates caring for the employee’s health and well-being. By looking deeply, Moreover, this does not only help the company and organization to satisfy the employees but also to keep the organization’s reputation. This is the good contemporary human resource practices and responsibilities because it helps the organization to stand firmly. Covid-19 pandemic has changed different things including design changes at the workplace. For example, the number of employees in the room has changed to keep social distance. Crosslines marked where the people should stand or sit. A place to wash hands has been set as well as placing hand sanitizers on the entrance, wearing gloves and face mask (Mudditt, n.d.). These all practices and equipment have been learned and implemented by the HRM.


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