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The U.S trial of the AstraZeneca Vaccine reported as 79% effective.


Mar 22, 2021
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This morning of 22nd, The Washington Post posted that oxford university has reported AstraZeneca as an effective vaccine at 79 percent. Moreover, the data from a long-awaited clinical trial in the United States of America shows that this vaccine is 79 effective.

This vaccine has tested by the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa then, in a press release, the Oxford researchers who developed this important vaccine to the world AstraZeneca, have said that it is more effective and safe to be used by the world population.

The trials has been conducted on the volunteers who received two standard doses of the vaccine in the US, and 32,449 adult participants in the groups of different ages took the vaccine.

After the results were reported during the press releases that took place in the pharmaceutical company with the University Scientists.

Last week, after different reports on this vaccine, European countries paused the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, fearing the negative impact of this vaccine on people’s life. Now, the European Medicines Agency said that the vaccine was safe and effective.

This AstraZeneca vaccine is cheap because it cost about $4 per dose, and is able to be stored in an ordinary refrigerator.

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