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Siromer 404MK With Cab


Feb 14, 2023
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The Siromer 404MK 40hp with a cab.

Shuttle synchro transmission with 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds is included.

The main shift allows you to shift “on the fly,” resulting in a smooth operation.

This tractor is designed for power and comes standard with electric stop start and super steer front mudguards.

​You’ve come to the right place for compact tractors and equipment. We are a family-owned company that was the first to introduce flatpack tractors to the UK in 1999. Since then, we’ve sold over 4000 compact tractors and established a solid reputation for providing high-spec, high-quality-manufactured, robust, and affordable compact tractors, as well as first-rate customer service and a nationwide network of Siromer Dealers.

The Siromer lineup consists of two ranges ranging from 25hp to 50hp. Our smaller models are available as flatpacks, allowing you to build your own, whereas our larger models come pre-assembled.

The 40hp – 50hp tractors are also equipped with a cab, which provides weather protection.

If you choose to build your own tractor, it will arrive boxed and with a detailed instruction manual…all you will need is some basic mechanical knowledge.

Our tractors are extremely popular with smallholders, farmers, landscapers, orchards, golf courses, and many other applications that require a strong yet compact machine….

Call us today to speak with one of our representatives, and for an unbiased opinion, we’ll gladly put you in touch with a local Siromer 304 30hp Tractor Tractor owner; on average, one will be within 10 miles of you.