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CAFWCL: Zonal Qualifiers representatives reveiled

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In preparation for the Inaugural CAF Women’s Champions League, representatives from countries for the Zonal Qualifiers have been emerging across the continent.

The main tournament is expected to take place around November or December 2021.

West Africa (WAFU-A)

The WAFU-B Zonal Qualifiers will be hosted by Cape Verde with four Clubs set to take part. 

Determine Girls (Liberia), AS Mandé (Mali), AS Dakar (Senegal), and a representative from the host, Cape Verde will Jostle for one ticket.

West Africa (WAFU-B)

Ivory Coast will host the WAFU-B Zonal Qualifiers from July 17 to 30, 2021.

Six clubs have been confirmed to fight for two tickets from WAFU-B Zone. US Forces Armées USFA (Burkina Faso), Rivers Angels (Nigeria), Hasaacas Ladies FC (Ghana), Onze Soeur de Gagnoa Cote d’Ivoire), AS Police (Niger Republic), and Amis du Monde (Togo).

North Africa (UNAF)

Four clubs have been confirmed to participate at the Northern African Zonal Qualifiers.

El Gouna (Egypt), AS FAR Women (Morocco), Relizane (Algeria), and ASBH (Tunisia).

Yei Join Stars, Champions of inaugural South Sudan Women National Football League.

East Africa (CECAFA)

Ten Champions have emerged for CECAFA Zonal Qualifiers.

Vihiga Queens (Kenya), Simba Queens (Tanzania), Lady Doves (Uganda), Ngid Bank (Ethiopia), Yei Join Stars (South Sudan), Al Difa, Denden FC, FAD, Scandinavian FC, and PVP Buyenzi (Burundi).

Central Africa (UNIFFAC)

In the Central African region, only Louves Minpoff from Cameroon has been given the green light to represent the country at the Zonal Qualifiers. 

They will be joined by representatives of Central Africa Republic (CAR), Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, and Gabon.

Southern Africa (COSAFA)

The Southern Africa region will have eight countries for the Zonal Qualifiers.

Prison XI (Botswana), Manzini Wanderers (Eswatini), Lesotho Defense Force (Lesotho), Costa De Sol (Mozambique), Tura Magic FC (Namibia), Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies FC (South Africa), Green Buffaloes Women FC (Zambia), and Black Rhino Queens FC (Zimbabwe).

2021 CAF Women’s Champions League Zonal Qualifiers Representatives

UNAF (North Africa): El Gouna (Egypt), ASFA (Morocco), Relizane (Algeria), ASBH (Tunisia)

WAFU-A (West Africa): Determine Girls (Liberia), AS Mandé (Mali), AS Dakar (Senegal), Cape Verde Champions

WAFU-B (West Africa): US Forces Armées USFA (Burkina Faso), Rivers Angels (Nigeria), Hasaacas Ladies FC (Ghana), Onze Soeur de Gagnoa (Cote d’Ivoire), AS Police (Niger Republic), Amis du Monde (Togo)

CECAFA (East Africa): Vihiga Queens (Kenya), Simba Queens (Tanzania), Lady Doves (Uganda), Ngid Bank (Ethiopia), Yei Join Stars (South Sudan), Al Difa, Denden FC, FAD, Scandinavian FC (Rwanda), 

PVP Buyenzi (Burundi).

UNIFFAC (Central Africa): Louves Minpoff (Cameroon), Central Africa Républic (CAR), Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe

COSAFA (Southern Africa): Prison XI (Botswana), Lesotho Defense Force (Lesotho), Manzini Wanderers (Eswatini), Costa De Sol (Mozambique), Tura Magic FC (Namibia), Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies FC (South Africa), Green Buffaloes Women FC (Zambia), Black Rhino Queens FC (Zimbabwe)

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