“If you are a better design, this article is not going to help you more!” However, if you want to explore more in designing, you are welcome.”

Many people know how to use different designing tools and software. However, it becomes hard for them to design creative works. No matter what software that you are you are using, you can make a better design by using the tips that we are going to provide in this article.

First of all, look at the below posters that have been designed by Samuel Nsabimana a Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler program. Some of them won the monthly completion at Kepler.

Many people who studied designing can explain to you different tips they use to design their design.
Below is the tip that has been provided by Samuel Nsabimana after designing the above posters.

Actually designing has three main part

Starting on pre-design, we need to prepare ourselves before sitting and design. Firstly, you need to brainstorm before then design in your mind. If you talk to most of the designers they will say that design starts in mind. After this, it will help you to conduct different researches as you are organizing different elements that you will use on your poster or any kind of design. For example, organize your elements by collecting different tools like photos stickers in the prepared folder. This will help you to know the available resources that you are going to use as well as the missing resources.

The second part is Design. This is part is where you will choose the paper. This goes with choose if you are the scale that you are going to use; height, width, and others. then, organize your elements on the paper depending on what you want to design. while designing, remember to focus on the main element. this means you have to highlight the main element. it can be a word or another thing else that you want your viewer to see first. Use your own and original tools. (pictures, stickers). It is prohibited to use others’ work. that is why you need to pay attention while using stickers and images that are not yours in your design. However, you can manipulate them and make them yourself.
Mix and use colors from the same family. I would recommend you not to use more than three colors in your design. this is because a lot of colors in one design don’t look professional and sometimes made noise in your design.

The last and crucial part is publishing. After designing your poster or another project that you were working on, ask for feedback about your design. This will help you to know where you can improve and make your poster better. However, you need to pay attention to the feedback you are receiving because some of them might not be constructive. After applying those feedback, ask again for the feedback and also apply them as you did before. If you wish you can ask the feedback for the first time. Then after publish or submit your project.

By applying these tips you can design an amazing poster or any kind of design. With this, go and do research, sit down and design, ask the feedback and publish your design!